Social Enterprise Academy is a subsidiary of not-for-profit organisation.

The legal name: NCDF Social Enterprise Academy

Preferred Name: Social Enterprise Academy

  • Governing Board
  • The Management
  • Advisory Council

Governing Board has overall responsibility for Social Enterprise Academy, including approving and overseeing the implementation of the SEA’s strategic objectives, finances, property, business and all academic and non-academic affairs of the Academy. The Governing Board is also responsible for providing appointment and oversight of the SEA’s management including the Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer.

It is also responsible for fulfillment of regulatory requirements, protecting the legitimate interests of partners, creditors, students, participants, staff and stakeholders and ensuring that SEA is managed in a prudent manner and within the applicable laws, regulations and the internal policies and procedures.

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Management consists of a core group of experienced and qualified individuals including the Associate Dean, Chief Officer, Head of Departments, Academics, Senior Lecturers, Coordinators who are responsible and held accountable for overseeing the day-to-day management of SEA both the academics and operations.

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The SEA's Global Advisory Council (GAC) select group of international academic, business, philanthropic, and civic leaders committed to helping the academy to achieve its financial and social objectives and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations. In addition to their advisory role, these leaders serves as ambassadors, enhance SEA’s profile, resources, and effectiveness.

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