Why Study at SEA

Extensive Learning

Studying with Social Enterprise Academy will engaged student extensively to learn and examine the theoretical and practical foundations of social enterprise, entrepreneurship and innovation. Also, provide unique access to an expanding learning community research.

Innovative Curriculum

Skilled curriculum design teams work collaboratively to ensure that our programs meet student and industry needs, incorporate relevant and innovative technologies and can be delivered flexibly over multiple locations and channels. Our curriculum embed career skills into the curriculum to enhance the social entrepreneurship knowledge and employability.

Educational Technologies

As an Academy, SEA demonstrates leadership in the integration of educational technologies designed to foster active student learning and engagement. Our systems provide students and participants access to interactive learning environments that encourage exploration, problem solving, reflection, collaboration and self-managed learning.

Creating Opportunity

We have a solid reputation for providing students and participants with experiential learning opportunities. Our strong linkages to industry enable local and international flexible and appropriate work placements.

Network & Support

Social Enterprise Academy Nigeria is a member of international network of education institutions focus on social change, which provides opportunity for our student to network with over 500,000 students currently studying in the different institutions, all of whom have access to a comprehensive support and information network, both online and via printed materials. Social Enterprise Academy students interact through online forums such Social Enterprise Club, Facebook and Twitter as well as face-to-face at international events.


Social Enterprise Academy programmes are very flexible and the optional courses enable you to specialise in the areas that particularly interest you. Several courses are common to more than one programme so you can switch between qualifications.

Cost effective

Social Enterprise Academy is an arm of non-profit organisation and the academy is not designed to maximum profitability rather designs for social impact and financial sustainability, so it endeavours to ensure that its prices are always as affordable as possible without compromising the standards of studies.

Global Locations

The globalization of ideas and business has given rise to unparalleled opportunity. Social Enterprise Academy offers programmes, resources, and services at multiple locations in different part of the globe; learning in diverse cultural environment and enhance understanding beyond geographic and national boundaries.

Practitioner Faculty

Drawn from the highest levels of academia, business, and government, the faculty at Social Enterprise Academy represent a diversity of intellectual perspectives and a depth of professional experience. You will be thought by faculty that leverage on their business expertise and field-based research to develop enduring concepts.