Financial Aid


Social Enterprise Academy recognizes talents and achievements of incoming ambitious students. We operate Sponsors Partnership Scheme (SPS), partnering public and private sectors to offer a range of competitive scholarships that are awarded based on your aptitudes and achievements.

Application deadline:

Applications are currently being accepted. Priority consideration is given in the order in which applications are received in conjunction with our admissions deadlines, so early applications are encouraged.

Download the Tuition Waiver Online Application Letter, fill it appropriately and send it to


Student Accounts

We makes available a flexible, interest-free payment plans. The interest-free payment plan allows three equal installments for students within three months and twelve months for Executive Masters.
Books charges are excluded from the payment plan. Payment plans are programme – specific please note. We wish you success in all you do at Social Enterprise Academy. Our goal is to make the process of paying your tuition fees as easy and affordable as possible, so you can pay on time and get on with the business of learning.

Download the Payment Plan Application Form, fill it appropriately and send it to