Anyone with a proven passion and willingness for social enterprise, entrepreneurship, innovation and social impact can register for the Global Social Enterprise Fellowship program.

The minimum educational qualification required is the SSCE certificate.

The Global Fellowship Programme spans for a period of 6 weeks and best candidate spend an additional two weeks in France on Sponsorship.

Your application to the Global Fellowship Program requires:

  • The Application form duly filled by the applicant.
  • Reference form containing the information of two referees.

The application fee of ₦10,000.00 is non-refundable.

Maximum of 30 participants per batch

Please send us a mail at or call our office on +234-(0)-14537833

Application can be done online at or visit our office, please schedule your visit through our online scheduler at or Call 014537833 to book an appointment

The selection process is conducted in three (3) phases:

  • The first phase is to assess the eligibility of the applicant.
  • The second phase focuses on the merit of the application.
  • The final selection decision takes into consideration the following: relevance of the applicant’s interests in Social Enterprise Academy’s aims and programs, references, academic record, community involvement/extracurricular activity participation, and narrative statements.

Applicants would be notified via email of the progress and result of their applications.


Application starts 30th of April, 2019 and ends on the 28th of October, 2019


Yes, you may. If the program accepts your application, then you may be asked to take one of our certificate programs.


  • Apply for the fellowship programme online
  • Pay application fee
  • Assessment of application forms
  • Acceptance letters would be given to successful applicants
  • Payment of 50% of the Programme Fee
  • Materials and other necessary information would be dispersed to applicants for visa application (for those applying for visa)
  • Applicants would be required to pay the 50% balance of the Programme Fee latest by 4th December 2019

  • Training courses fee- ₦400,000.00
  • Pay application fee
  • Accommodation- ₦370,000.00
  • Partial food and incidental expenses- ₦300,000.00
  • Travelling within the United Kingdom- ₦150,000.00
  • Subsidy towards health insurance coverage- ₦100,000.00
  • Books, material and supplies-₦205,000.00.
  • Travel ticket to and from UK- ₦410,000.00
  • 10% contingency fee: ₦215,000.00

TOTAL: 2,150,000.00

Applicants who have travelling and return tickets do not need to pay for the travelling ticket listed in the breakdown.

All applicants need to stay in the same accommodation centre in Sheffield that has been arranged. The only exemption for payments in the breakdown applies to those who have travelling and return tickets to the UK only.