Global Fellowship: FAQ's

Global Fellowship: FAQ's

What should I send to the Social Enterprise Academy to apply for the Social Enterprise Academy Global Fellowship Program?

Your application to the Global Fellowship Program requires:
- The Application form duly filled by the applicant
- Reference form containing the information of two referees

When does the Social Enterprise Academy need to receive my application?

You have until 30th July, 2017 to complete your application to the Social Enterprise Academy.

Is it possible to apply online?

All applications to the Social Enterprise Academy are carried out online. All forms are required to be filled and submitted online.

Must I have made payment by the 30th July deadline?

Yes, all applications must have been completed after which payment must be made, all on or before the 30th July deadline.

How will I know whether my application is complete?

We will email you upon receipt of your application and further information and correspondence will be communicated via your email.

What is the latest date that you will accept documents that I could not include with my application?

We do not have a definitive deadline however we encourage applicants to send their remaining documents before 15th August, 2017 so that their application requirements are entirely met before being processed.

When will I know of the results of my application?

The selection process is conducted in two phases.
i.  The first phase is meant to determine whether you meet the criteria for the fellowship.
ii.  Applicants who make it through to the final selection will be contacted via email.

Who can apply for SEA Global Fellowship program?

University graduates and undergraduates alike, with a proven passion and willingness for social enterprise can register for the Global Fellowship program.

What is the required minimum education qualification?

The minimum educational qualification required is the SSCE certificate. Applicants without SSCEs will not be considered.

I am an undergraduate. Please can I apply for the program?

Undergraduate applications are very much welcome to the program.

When will the application process start and when will the results be announced?

Applications begin 1st June, 2017. Successful applicants would be notified on or before 15th August, 2017.

How do you announce the application results?

You will receive an email from the Academy via the email you provided during your registration.

If my application is not successful, can I apply for another program at the academy?

Yes, you may. If the program accepts your application, then you may be asked to take one of our certificate programs.

What are the application dates?

Applications start 1st June, 2017
Applications close 30th July, 2017

Can I submit my application online?

We accept only online applications.

Can you send me more information regarding this and other programs?

Please visit the Global Fellowship page.

Do you accept paying students?

Yes, we do. However, there are financial considerations for applicants who cannot sponsor ll or part of the expenses for the program.

If yes, what is the full cost of the program?

See the Global Fellowship page.

Does this cost involve all expenses overseas?

Yes, it does.

How can I see the course schedules?

Visit the Global Fellowship page for full details on the program schedule.

How can I reach the program calendar?

You can always get it from the Global Fellowship page.