Global Fellowship Experience

Global Fellowship Experience


One Day Orientation Programme in Nigeria

One-Day Orientation program allow successful participants to meet with Social Enterprise Academy, Nigeria Team, presentation of Global Fellowship programme, review of schedules and to gain valuable understanding of the concept. The intention of the programme is to develop knowledge, deepen participants understanding of the world around them, and to prepare them for international social enterprise global fellowship programme.

Living on Campus at the Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Fellows will be staying at Sheffield Hallam University from the first week of arrival in the United Kingdom.

Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) is a public university in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. It is based on two sites; City Campus is located in the city centre, close to Sheffield railway station, and Collegiate Crescent Campus is about two miles away, adjacent to Ecclesall Road in south-west Sheffield.

One Week Introduction and Training Programme to preparing the Fellows for the Work Placement in United Kingdom

For participants to start the international fellowship programme, this first week university level training enables them to gain UK social enterprise and entrepreneurship understanding, giving them the opportunity for work placement, the programme  including study tours to social enterprises.

Four Weeks Work Placement with a social enterprise company in the United Kingdom suitable to the Fellow's learning needs

As part of fellowship programme, participants will have opportunity for a work placement for four week in United Kingdom. You will gain experience in social enterprise activities including marketing and project administration. The work placement programs give participants valuable hands-on experience in the field of social enterprise, strengthening their skills and connecting them to industry professionals. Work placement are governed by a detailed work plan, It covers benefits; the learning to be achieved by the Fellows.

One Week Leadership Training Programme

The one-week, integrated leadership training program designed to strengthen and deepen the leadership capacities of the fellows as social change leaders. It will help the fellows to reflect on their career and personal journey, reconnect with purpose, strengthen leadership capabilities, learn from and with other social leaders, and return home with a global community of support and practice.

This is only applicable to the most outstanding student in the fellowship programme in UK. The student will be privileged to have additional two weeks training and placement in France.