"SEA people share ideas, expertise and technology to find answers to the big scientific questions and tackle global challenges. "


We adopted a problem-focused approach toward understanding the challenges associated with driving sustained, high-impact social change. Current..
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Our consultancy services provide cutting edge expertise to address social challenges. Our services are delivered by the world renowned research challenges...
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We are a major driver of social innovation with extensive experience of strategic corporations and collaborations, engaging with communities, the business sector..
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ADA provides support youths in Africa

Lance Petersen,Radio Station Owner

Jane Chen (owner of Embrace Global)

Social Enterprise For BME Women

Andrew Youn, ‘One Acre Fund

Introducing HESHIMA in KENYA

Rafael Alvarez, Owner of ‘Genesys works’

Saving the Planet through Sustainable Farms

About SIL

We are redefining business models and needs of our partners including for profit, non profit and government with social innovation.

With access to several research-active academics and professionals with wealth of experiences, we can help small and medium enterprises to find solutions to their social businesses for long term.