Jane Chen (owner of Embrace Global) that produces life saving bags for low density babies ‘Thermpod’

iluiChen was pursuing an M.B.A. at Stanford in 2008 when she enrolled in the multidisciplinary "Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability," the same innovative class that spawned the D.light solar lamp company.There she teamed up with grad students in computer science, electrical engineering and material science to develop a device that keeps low-birth-weight babies warm even when the electricity in hospitals and clinics fails.
The "Thermpod" looks like a miniature sleeping bag and provides a lifesaving four to six hours of heat on a single 30-minute charge. The group raised funding from Echoing Green, a New York City-based outfit that makes grants to social entrepreneurs, and the family-oriented David & Lucile Packard Foundation.
After successful pilot program in India, Embrace Global struck a global distribution deal with GE Healthcare.

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