Application Guidelines


The Global Fellowship begins application by 30th April 2019 that including time advertising and registration at the Social Enterprise Academy in Nigeria. The programme will commence by 4th February 2020 and end by 19th March, 2020.


Application for Social Enterprise Global Fellowship will be done online at and other locations that will be communicated on the site. Applicant applications forms and supporting documents for the Global Fellowships will be reviewed by GFP Special Committee. This review will ensure that the participants chosen for this opportunity fulfill the good selective academic excellence and determination for social entrepreneurship criteria set forth by the Social Enterprise Academy Nigeria and Social Enterprise International, United Kingdom. The deadline for the application is 1st October (or following Monday if deadline falls on a weekend) for fellowship to begin the following 4th October.

Links to Application Forms and materials for the Global Fellowship from the Social Enterprise Academy Nigeria website: Applicants will complete the application forms online and make mandatory application processing payment of 10,000; please note application processing fee is not – refundable. Payment can be made with MasterCard, Verve Card, and Visa Card.

Application forms include:

  1. Application Form and Instructions
  2. Academic, Professional or Civic Engagement Reference Form & Instructions
  3. Verification of Funds for Expenses Form.


If your application passes the first stage of the Global Fellowship Special Committee’s selection process which focuses more on eligibility, we may require further documents for the second stage selection for the fellowship which is based upon the merits of the application. The final selection decision takes into consideration the following: relevance of the applicant’s interests in Social Enterprise Academy’s aims and programs, references, academic record, community involvement/extracurricular activity participation, and narrative statements. The final selection decision will be conveyed in email only to the applicant in August. No information regarding the final selection will be disclosed over the telephone.


Please identify two individuals who would be willing to recommend you to the fellowship program. One individual should comment on your academic or long-term professional objectives, while the second referee should reflect on any community service, civic engagement or extra-curricular activities you have been involved with. Please be sure that your name and the recommender’s name are on the letter of reference online form before submission. We will request for reference letters directly from referee through e-mail.


  1. Apply for the fellowship programme online or in Our Office
  2. Pay Application Fee
  3. Assessment of Application Forms
  4. Acceptance letters would be given to successful Applicants
  5. Payment of 50% of the Programme Fee
  6. Materials and other necessary information would be dispersed to Applicants for Visa Application (for those applying for visa)
  7. Applicants would be required to pay the 50% balance of the Programme Fee latest by 4th December 2019

N.b: For Applicants with unsuccessful visa application, there would be refund of initial deposit less than adminstrative cost.

The administrative cost is usually less than 10%.

The Application Fee of =N= 10,000 is not Refundable.