Introduction to Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship are part of a fast-growing movement that applies business tools to find sustainable solutions to neglected problems at all levels of society. The individual and the organization apply commercial strategies to maximize improvements in social and environmental well-being, rather than only maximizing profits for shareholders, they find balance in between profit and impact.

The Seminar creates a unique opportunity to understand new business skills and frameworks that enable entrepreneurs and organizations to build a sustainable business with maximum social and/or environmental impact. This Seminar will expose participants to innovative solutions to social problems. Using the “case study method”, participants will examine the challenges of structuring, launching, funding, and counseling social ventures.


  • Indicate understanding of the theory of social enterprise.
  • Discern between social entrepreneurship and other entrepreneurial and social work.
  • Understand how social entrepreneurs are transforming society to deliver social impact in their communities.
  • Identify an unsatisfactory social equilibrium, and actively pursue a solution to create a more fair and sustainable model.
  • Use collaboration, teamwork, and communication with classmates and community partners in constructing a plausible and scalable social enterprise.
  • Summarize key principles of social enterprise and entrepreneurship, identifying the challenges and opportunities of social entrepreneurship.
  • An enhanced understanding of the mechanisms, opportunities, and challenges of social entrepreneurship
  • Practical methodologies such as design thinking to spur innovation and solve real, complex problems
  • A strengthened ability to grow an organization while sustaining the culture types of funding.





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