NGO Transformation to Social Enterprise

Most of the NGOs globally are looking for ways of moving the non-profit business model from that of a donor-funded, traditional non-governmental organization, toward a sustainable social enterprise so as to enhance their sustainability, diversify their income sources and become less dependent on external funding. Social entrepreneurship is the answer because it aids research projects toward a growth, an organization that can think creatively, act independently and reports its activity overtly.

Globally the concept and practice of social enterprise have grown in importance as more and more businesses are set up using this term to describe their activities. Over the past five years, Social Enterprise Academy Nigeria in partnership with Social Enterprise International UK (SEi) have been helping leaders and activists in Europe, Asia and Africa develop adaptable models of social enterprise to bring sustainability and economic wealth to communities and disadvantaged groups.

This short course will introduce participants to the concepts, principles, values, and methods of Social Enterprise and FairShares. It will help participants understand the change in thinking, attitudes, and behavior that comes with following good practice in social enterprise and FairShares. They will start to examine the relevance of social enterprise to their own work and their own organization and learn many of the tools used to plan and set up new social enterprises or to convert their NGOs into more entrepreneurial organizations.


  • Understand social enterprise characteristics, elements and the differences with an NGO.
  • Learn a step-by-step approach to transforming (parts of) the NGO into a social enterprise.
  • Learn how to complement an enterprise approach with a domestic support raising (DSR) approach.
  • Participants will understand the different ways and reasons for setting up a social enterprise and be able to select the route most relevant to them. They will also learn what is essential to build a viable business model.
  • Participants will appreciate how the legal form of a social enterprise affects its access to different types of funding.





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